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[ Durrin ] Wagiman for 'snake', harking back to his original design when his lusus was a serpent. The fact he always has a canine visible is another throwback.

[ Mimosa ] The second brightest star in the Crux/Southern Cross constellation, as well as a kind of cocktail among other things.

[ advance_us_fair]

Based on Advance Australia Fair, in keeping with the general Aussie theme, as well as how Durrin generally wants everyone to just chill and get along without caste prejudice being a thing. Also:

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Character Name: Durrin Mimosa

Character Handle: tympanalicDesign

Species: Alternian (troll)

Age: 7 sweeps

Height: 180 cm / 5'9"

Weight: average, whatever that may be :|a

Medical Information: Healthy! Nothing to see here.

Physical Traits: kind of lean, has calluses and a few scars from some of his projects, arms are actually kind of muscular from handling tools and his staff all the time


  • has sensitive hearing and perfect pitch

  • is fairly good with machines and fiddling around when them

  • Space-related powers that lets him teleport and fly (may be subject to change depending on what is relieved in canon)

Anything else: AUSSIE TROLL \:D/ Also sorry folks, he's taken in the flushed quadrant, but you're welcome to try and fill his other ones. He doesn't really like the ashen one though.
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This land may appear somewhat plain at first sight, with the sun shining down upon a rocky terrain, broken only by the session's FORGE and giant, endless fissures. These abysses extend deep into the core of the planet and their walls are lined with even more openings. It is upon exploring these that one realises that beneath the surface lies a complex network of tunnels and caves, effectively a maze designed to confuse and disorient any adventurer.

The consorts of this planet are MIDNIGHT BLUE WALLAROOS who get easily distracted and have a love for collecting ... whatever the hell fancies them. This leads to a lot of lost and/or stolen property, as well as squabbling between both individuals and entire groups.

The Land’s denizen is ECHIDNA, who resides in the deepest, largest cavern, the echoes of her rumbles audible as soon as one descends into the underground. Players must learn to navigate the catacombs in order to find her, the consorts and the frogs needed to breed the Genesis Frog, and reap the rewards.
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